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Traffic Film Remover Cleaning Detergent

  • What is Traffic Film Remover (TFR 6) - TFR 6 is a concentrated traffic film remover with rinse aid, specifically targeted at all types of paintwork, leaving a streak free, shiny finish.
  • Recommended dosage - For maximum performance we recommend using 1-3% dilution when using a hot / cold water pressure washer. For heavily soiled vehicles use at 3-8% for additional help removing the dirt. Do not allow to dry on paintwork.
  • Value for money - Traffic film remover costing just £18.00 + VAT for 5L, £40.00 + VAT for 25L and £225.00 + VAT for 205L, adds great value to the end user, for a seriously efficient and reliable cleaning detergent.
  • Application examples - Traffic film remover is extremely popular for cleaning company vehicles. For example; Lorries, Vans, Tractors, Cars.

Benefits Of Using Karcher Detergents

  • Highly efficient & economical - Karcher detergents use the best raw materials available to produce their cleaning agents. This allows for a high concentrate, leading to very low and cost-saving doses.
  • Corrosion protection components - Karcher cleaning detergents are specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with Karcher cleaning machines. Removing the most stubborn of dirt, whilst being gentle on the machine.
  • High pressure & thermally stable up to 150°C - Karcher cleaning detergent is formulated for use in high pressure cleaners, combining high concentrate and low dose for increased customer value for money.
  • Environmentally friendly approach - Karcher continue to increase their research and development to ensure the cleaning performance of Karcher detergent is maximised, whilst providing formulas that are more eco-friendly for the user and application.