Compressor Oil

We have been specialising in compressed air for over 35 years, building strong relationships with industry leading brands & local companies.

Rotair Compressor Oil Functions..

  • Keeping It Cool: The Rotair compressor oil works to cool down the compression block, protecting a compressor from overheating and causing breakdowns
  • Optimisation:¬†The lubricant works to protect the compressor and it's rotating parts from wear and tear, by providing the right lubrication film. This results in correct operation.
  • Tidying Up: During a compressors operation, deposits could form along the oil path, putting in danger the unit's proper functioning. The correct lubricant will avoid this and eliminate the dirt, therefore safeguarding the integrity of the compressor.
  • Sealing Air Inside: The oil provides excellent sealing in all sections of the compression block to ensure optimum energy efficiency.


The Risk Of Not Using Correct Compressor Oils

  • Putting trust in a generic oil can very easily become a costly mistake for your business. Trusted industry lubricants, used at the correct service times, prevent issues such as; compressor failure, productivity losses or increased energy consumption.
  • Cost saving oils can cause deposit formation, insufficient lubrication, inadequate resistance to wear , which leads to an increased risk of breakdown.
  • If the element needs to be replaced after only a few years, the resulting cost compared to the initial cost saving is incomparable.