Compressed Air Data Logging

Compressed Air Data logging is a crucial service we offer our customers, providing key information on the current performance and capacity.

Does Your Company Require Data Logging?

Datalogging is of most benefit to users working on a continuous compressed air supply, with single or multiple compressors operating. The potential for energy savings depends largely on the following key variables:

  • Compressors run hours
  • Cost of energy
  • KW size of compressor system
  • Technology used - fixed or variable speed

iiTrak Data Logging

Using the latest iiTrak loggers allow the electrical current drawn in by each compressor to be recorded every 3 seconds over a 168-hour period. Data logging gives us the following indicators:

  • Current volume and pattern of air demand
  • Cost of compressed air generation
  • Highlight potential areas of energy saving
  • Differences in day, night, weekend, and shift patterns
  • Level of air leaks and their associated costs
  • Confirm amount of remaining air capacity in the system
  • Test the efficiency of downstream equipment and pipework system

Why Use Data Logging Software..?


The data logging software recorded from the iiTrak device is downloaded into a specialist software, generating specific reports which are communicated with customers. This allows us to establish the best solution to their requirements, whether it be to increase energy efficiency, add further capacity or confirm costs of air leaks.

Require Our Data Logging Services?

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