Nitrogen Generators

On-site nitrogen can be generated by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and by membrane technology.

PSA Nitrogen Generators

  • Pressure Swing Absorption Technology (PSA), is a similar process to a heatless desiccant dryer. The PPNG & PPOG uses a twin tower operation where the unwanted gases are filtered out to leave the desired purity of nitrogen. To ensure this is a continuous and efficient operation, the towers are changed over and the process continues.
  • PPNG produces nitrogen with purity ranging from 95% up to 99.999% and
    flows up to 2600 m³/hr.
  • Industries suited to the PSA nitrogen generators include; Breweries and the Food industry, where there is a large demand for nitrogen.
  • The air consumption is also optimized at reduced nitrogen flow or pressure demands, which automatically adjusts the cycle times of the nitrogen generator in line with the specific demands.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator

  • The PMNG (Pneumatech Membrane Nitrogen Generators), separates compressed air into component gases, by passing it through semi-permeable membranes, which consist of bundles of individual hollow fibers.
  • Each fiber has a perfectly circular cross-section and a uniform bore through its centre.
  • The fibers are so small, a large amount of the fibers can therefore be packed into a limited space, providing an extremely large membrane surface area, that can produce a relatively high volume product stream.
  • Membrane generators are designed for low (90%) to medium (99.5%) purity applications, this can include tyre inflation, fire prevention, tank blanketing and pipeline drying.
  • Nitrogen pressures can go up to 12 bar.

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