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Worthington Creyssensac are an industry leading brand within the compressed air industry, who we have built up a successful relationship with for over 35 years.

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About Worthington's Screw Air Compressors

  • Worthington Creyssensac have been manufacturing compressors since 1934, building a strong reputation for piston compressors, followed by screw compressors in 1966.
  • At Compressors and Washers Ltd, we have built a strong working relationship for Worthington over 35 years, gaining a premier dealer status. This allows us to provide our customers expert product / industry knowledge, as well as genuine service parts.
  • Worthington offer fixed and variable speed screw compressors, of which we keep a variety in stock. This ensures we have an immediate solution to businesses experiencing a major breakdown.

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Benefits of Fixed Speed Screw Compressors

  • Fixed speed screw compressors are the perfect application for industries where little to no fluctuation in compressed air demand is present.
  • Lower upfront capital costs - variable speed isn't necessary / cost effective for all businesses.
  • Reduced maintenance / repair costs - more basic level of technology installed.
  • Most efficient compressor when met with a constant compressed air demand.
  • A factory running 24/7 with automated equipment that consumes compressed air at a predictable & consistent rate, is a good application for a fixed speed compressor.

Benefits of Variable Speed Screw Compressors

  • Variable speed screw compressors adjust it's outflow by reacting to the operating air demands from a workplace.
  • An example of this is an industry experiencing seasonal demand changes. This can range from 100% demand, down to just 25% of it's capacity. The variable speed compressor can adjust its RPM, therefore saving on energy consumptions when capacity is reduced.
  • Longer component life span, due to the compressor not being run at 100% on a constant basis.
  • Lower level of system pressure allows for less system leaks.

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