Oxygen Generators

On-site oxygen can be generated by Pneumatech's PSA oxygen generators, with purity ranging from 90% up to 95%.

Which Industries Require Oxygen Generation?

  • The PPOG (Pneumatech Membrane Nitrogen Generator), uses pressure swing adsorption technology to extract oxygen from compressed air, resulting in oxygen purity levels up to 95%.
  • Industry desired oxygen purity can be met with ease, without the need to continuously order in from elsewhere - saving money and time.
  • Energy saving controls automatically stops the gas generator when little to no gas is consumed.
  • Medical environments are an industry example where an oxygen generator will add value, hospital supply systems, ambulant, military services and veterinary clinics will also benefit from the on-site supply of oxygen.
  • Biological processes are intensified when oxygen levels increase, this favours waste management treatment plants, especially in hot conditions when oxygen levels are low.

Ready To Produce Oxygen On-Site?

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