Compressed Air Pipework Installation

We have an experienced team of engineers ready to install compressed air pipework into your business, maximising efficiency and minimising air leaks.

Why Invest Into Your Pipework System..?

Having a reliable, leak free, well designed and energy efficient air compressor pipework system is essential to effectively distribute compressed air, nitrogen and high pressure cleaning systems throughout your production facility.

The types of compressed air systems we offer at Compressors and Washers include, John Guests plastic air-ring main system, offering a cost-effective solution to small workshops and simple production lines. This is especially suitable for customers to fit themselves, as no specialist tooling is required. Painted blue for clear compressed air identification and rust free.

Airnet piping push-fit aluminium compressed air systems is a smart, energy efficient and reliable solution. A 10 year parts and fittings guarantee, painted blue for ease of identification. In stock at Compressors and Washers we carry 20mm, 25mm and 40mm sizes with larger systems available to order.

With no time consuming threading required with Airnet, it's easy to add to, and is extremely lightweight meaning installation is quick and cost-effective.



Airnet Pipework

Airnet Aluminium: A fast, reliable, and leak-proof solution for compressed air, featuring smooth bore aluminium pipe and quick fix fittings. All airnet materials include a 10-year guarantee.

The pipework is painted blue for ease of identification as compressed air, also available in green for nitrogen and grey for vacuum installations.

Airnet Stainless Steel: The stainless steel range is corrosion free, leak free and includes 10 years material guarantee.

This airnet range is designed specifically for industries such as food, drinks and pharmaceuticals, or any industry where cleanliness and reliability are ultimate priorities.


Compressed Air Pipework Options


Our range of different Pipework options are designed to suit all environments and budgets, whether it be a large warehouse or a small depot, we have the perfect pipework solution for you. Upgrading to Airnet stainless steel pipework will guarantee 100% oil-free delivery of your compressed air. Thanks to its anti-corrosive properties, stainless steel piping can be installed in tough production environments like pharma and health, food and beverages, and process industries.



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