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An all British built power cleaning equipment brand, offering an extensive range of high performance steam cleaners & cold water pressure washers.

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About Dirt Driver Pressure Washers

Dirt Driver, are a manufacturing company established in 1972, still operating today as a privately owned family business based in Somerset.

Proud to be an all British Built power cleaning equipment brand, offering an extensive range of steam cleaners and cold water pressure washers.

The bulldog, sapphire, tamperproof and wall mounted pressure washer range are amongst the most popular machines we sell at Compressors and Washers, with the bulldog and Sapphire range readily available in stock.

The ability to customise your order allows for your industrial specific demands to be met, whilst maintaining a robust build and high performance machine.

At Compressors and Washers, we have maintained an excellent working relationship with Dirt Drivers for 35 years, so please contact one of our experts to discuss which of these high performance machines are best suited to your business.

Our experienced engineers are specialists in Pressure Washer Repairs, offering a cost-effective, knowledgeable service to prolong the health of your power cleaning machine.



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