Wall Mounted Pressure Washer Dirt Driver

The Dirt Driver wall mounted pressure washer range is cold water operating, with integrated hose reel, perfect for fire statins, police stations & food industry.

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Dirt Driver Wall Mounted

  • Key benefit of installing a dirt driver wall mounted pressure is the ability to have a designated, neat and tidy power cleaning area, where no floor space in required.
  • The perfect solution for fire stations, police authorities and the food industry.
  • Hawk three piston ceramic plunger pump.
  • Stainless steel discharge valves.
  • High pressure or low pressure unloader valve.
  • Close coupled lafert motor and hawk pump.
  • 24v Switching.
  • Auto stop/start operated from the trigger or timed shutdown.
  • Wall mounting brackets included as standard.
  • Heater to reduce the risk of frost damage.


Wall Mounted Pressure Washer Spec...

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Pressure (Bar): 100 150
Frost Protection: Yes Yes
Auto Stop (Trigger) Yes Yes
Water Tank Yes Yes
Mounting Brackets Yes Yes
Dimensions (cm) 74 x 50 x 39.5 74 x 50 x 39.5
Weight (kg): 90 100