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MARK compressors have an extensive range,  with years of experience manufacturing oil injected rotary screw compressors for all industry requirements


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MARK's Range of Screw Compressors

  • Mark compressor have a wide variety of oil injected screw compressors, suitable for a industrial application.
  • At Compressors and Washers we stock a wide range of Mark's MSM & MSA screw compressor range, ready for immediate installation.
  • Mark have been operating within the compressed air industry for a number of years, specialising in screw compressors and becoming a market leading brand.
  • The MSA and MSM range of screw compressor we stock are suitable for anything from running air tools, automotive industry and workshops.

MARK MSA Belt Drive Compressor

  • Easy to install and maintain - service items are ideally suited to help our engineers quickly identify and replace during an Air Compressor Servicing.
  • Advanced control and monitoring - MSA compressors are managed by the ES3000 electronic controller, allowing for energy saving incentives and system monitoring.
  • Low noise levels - the MSA range is ideally suited to applications which require a reduced noise level in their working environment.

MARK MSM Belt Drive Compressor

  • Complete solution - Money and space can be saved with the MSM range, with tank-mounted installation including dryer and filters. Reducing the risk of air leaks in your workshop.
  • Easy maintenance and accessibility - the main components are ideally located, allowing easy access for on-site service engineers.
  • Total reliability - Mark's MSM range of screw compressor is built for continuous duty cycle. The complete unit is designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to 46 degrees. A large ventilation system ensures low internal temperatures, supporting a longer life-span and reduced break downs.

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