ABAC Piston Compressors

ABAC is a world leading brand within the compressed air industry, offering piston compressors ranging from a 6 to 500 Litre tank size.



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ABAC's Piston Compressor Range Targets..

  • ABAC have developed experience in providing the compressed air industry with a powerful and reliable range of piston compressors. At Compressors and Washers we have developed a strong working relationship with ABAC, with 25 years experience of supplying their product range. Alongside stocking new piston compressors, we also value our existing customers by providing a cost-effective Air Compressor Repairs service.
  • The target market for ABAC's piston compressor range include, advanced hobbyists and small professionals. For example; DIY automotive mechanics, professional bike / motorbike shops and also complete workshops.

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