Abac Tandem Pro High Flow B 6000/500 T 7.5

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Abac Tandem Info:

The High Flow Tandem Two Stage Twin Pump, Belt Driven Air Compressor Tandem range, allows users to obtain a modular solution by starting one or both of the pumps. This enables a larger range of flexibility in case of a fluctuating demand, or another scenario the twin motor can be efficient, is as a back up solution when maintenance is required on either one of the two pumps.

Abac Specification:

  • Displacement: 57.9 CFM
  • LT/Min: 1654
  • Pressure: 160 Psi (11 Bar)
  • Motor: 7.5+7.5 HP
  • RPM: 1400
  • Receiver Ltrs: 500
  • Volts: 400/3/50


Additional information

Weight 60000 kg

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