Worthington RLR 29VT TM for hire


Worthington RLR 29VT TM Information

The Worthington RLR 29VT TM, direct drive screw compressor, producing from 27 to 141 cfm, with a maximum pressure of 12.5 bar. Fitted with an electric motor, integral inverter drive, Airlogic2 control panel, aluminium air/oil cooler and acoustic cabinet. Particularly suitable to small to medium sized industries and businesses, with the rotary-screw compressor range being characterised by it’s modular design, simplifying the maintenance of this high performing compressor. This rotary-screw compressor¬† is equipped with a superior quality motor and rotary-screw. Designed to be very user-friendly. With the various available options, this unit becomes a fully-fledged solution that can be installed in proximity to the user.

Factory Fitted Options Included In The Package Deal:

  • 240v Integral Refrigerant Air Dryer
  • 1 Micron and 0.01 Micron Particle & Oil Removal Filters
  • 500 Litres Horizontal Air Receiver
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