PCL Couplings Emergency Kit

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Emergency Coupling Kit:

Designed  for the service engineer to keep in a workshop in case of a pneumatic airline failure, this small, compact kit contains all the parts you would need to repair any standard airline failure and have it up and running in minutes.

  • Includes genuine PCL couplings, adaptors, hosetails, hose connectors, Jubilee® Clips and PTFE tape to convert or repair an airline connection.
  • Ideal to keep in a van or workshop
  • Solid compact pocket case with item numbers and descriptions on the inside, to aid with replenishment.

PCL Couplings Kit Contents:
x1 AC91CM
x1 AC91CF
x2 ACA2593
x2 ACA2746
x1 HC6892
x1 HC6893
x1 HC5656
x1 HC1217
x1 HC2479
x1 HC6560
x1 HC6895
x1 HC6896
x2 OOO Jubilee Clip
x2 OO Jubilee Clip
x1 PTFE Tape

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Weight 10000 kg