Karcher Scrubber Dryer

Karcher are the worlds leading power cleaning brand providing expert machines for your floorcare.



What are Scrubber Dryers?
  • Karcher Scrubber Dryers thoroughly remove the dirt, dust and residues from your hard floors in a single pass, leaving surfaces instantly dry, clean and safe to re-use. The stages of cleaning can include maintenance cleaning , deep cleaning and even stripping, delivering superb cleaning results and improving the health & safety of your business.

As shown via the diagram to the left, these are the simple steps to achieving excellent  cleaning results with your Karcher Scrubber Dryer:

  • Apply clean water and detergent onto the surface
  • Agitate the dirt with either the rotating brush or pad, lifting the dirt from the floor
  • Vacuuming away the dirty water leaving a spotlessly clean, dry floor.



Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer


Step On Scrubber Dryer


Ride On Scrubber Dryer


Scrubber Dryer Accessories


Why Introduce A Scrubber Dryer At Your Workplace?

  • Slips and Trips are the most common cause of injury at work, with around 90% of these injuries resulting in broken bones. This risk can be wiped out with a floor scrubber dryer, leaving your floor instantly dry, clean and safe to use.
  • The mop and bucket approach to cleaning is out-dated and ultimately dangerous. Whilst using a mop you're increasing the area of dirt by spreading the spillage, whilst having to wait on average 7 minutes for the floor to dry, creating a dangerous environment for your workforce.
Key Areas Of Applications
  • Automotive
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Catering
  • Industry
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Ultimately any industry which wants to improve, maintain and replenish the floorcare system in place for both the customers and workforces benefit.