Karcher Professional Vacuum

Karcher Professional wet/dry & dry vacuum cleaners provide optimum solutions for industry, commerce, automotive industry, building service contractors and trades.



What types of construction dust you need be aware of:
  • Silica Dust - Commonly found as a by-product of concrete, bricks, tiles, mortar & sandstone
  • Wood Dust - Found when dealing with softwood, hardwood and various other wood based products like MDF and plywood.
  • Lower Toxicity Dusts - Gypsum, limestone, marble and dolomite.

These three main types of construction dust are commonly found when cutting, filing, grinding or generally disturbing the materials. Karcher have advanced technology such as TACT (triggered air-draft cleaning technology), allowing filters to be automatically cleaned by reversing the direction of the air flow when the TACT system detects its full. This allows continuous operation for the user without a loss of suction power as a result of blocked filters.



Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners


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Professional Vacuum Accessories

Wet & Dry Karcher Professional Vacuum Cleaners

  • Karcher's professional wet and dry vacuum cleaners are designed to tackle all forms of dirt, whether it's dry, damp or wet, there is a Karcher wet & dry vacuum up to the job.
  • Karcher TACT Range - NT vacuums with patented Tact system for uninterrupted use with consistently high suction power - even for large amounts of fine dust. The filter cleans itself with powerful blasts of air. Tact vacuums meet the highest user requirements on construction sites and in workshops.
  • Karcher Ap Range - The strong all round vacuum cleaners of the Ap class remove liquid and moist dirt, as well as medium-fine dust. Thanks to semi-automatic filter cleaning, the filter remains clear and the suction power high. For long and efficient working periods.
  • Karcher Standard Class - The standard class vacuum cleaners have been designed specifically for coarse dirt and large liquid volumes. These extremely robust, durable and easy to handle machines are used by contract cleaners on a daily basis.



Dry Karcher Professional Vacuum Cleaners

  • Karcher's dry vacuum cleaner range is designed to be compact and low noise, whilst delivering high levels of performance for professional customers.
  • Karcher Dry Vacuum Cleaners - These versatile whisper quiet dry vacuum cleaners with eco!efficiency save electricity, have a high area performance, are versatile and suitable for different floor coverings. Durable fleece filters ensure consistently high suction power.
  • Karcher Upright Vacuum Cleaners - Kärcher brush vacuum cleaners use powerful suction and the cleaning action of an electric brush. They effortlessly remove stubborn dirt particles from the fibres.
  • Karcher Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaners - Cordless flexibility, powerful cleaning performance, increased productivity and also especially low-noise operation: The new battery-operated dry vacuum cleaners from the Kärcher Battery Power+ platform with energy-saving eco!efficiency mode.