Cold Water Pressure Washers

Karcher's range of cold water pressure washers are the ideal cleaning machine for vehicles, machines, buildings and other stubborn dirt surfaces.

Cold Water Pressure Washer

  • Maximum mobility means cold water pressure washers are the ideal solution for cleaning tasks which require transportation throughout the day. The compact and ergonomic design are perfectly suited to loading into the van and carrying up to point of use.
  • Use the Karcher cold water pressure washer even when water and power cannot be supplied, through the petrol or diesel powered range, allowing suction directly from water bowsers.
  • The range covers industry specific cleaning tasks, from strict hygiene requirements in the food industry to simply washing your company vehicles.
  • Price point is a key factor when deciding to purchase a cold water washer, with less servicing costs compared with a hot water washer.
  • Our best selling machine is the Karcher 6/13 C + which comes with a free Dirtblaster nozzle, perfect for cleaning stubborn dirt off patios, by increasing performance area through the rotating jet.

Ideal Applications: Building Contractors, Tradespeople, Local Authorities, Floor & Wall Cleaning, Vehicles, Outside Areas, Façade Cleaning.