Karcher Dry Ice Blasters

Cleaning is much faster & more effective with freshly produced dry ice pellets. That's why it is essential to use dry ice that is as fresh as possible for dry ice blasting.

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting..?

  • Little to no preparation required before cleaning - The dry ice blasting pellets easily reach all areas of the cleaning task.
  • Downtime is limited - Fast and effective cleaning ensures your machines are ready to go in next to no time.
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning - No additional cleaning chemicals or spray agents are required when dry ice blasting. This also protects the surfaces from damage.
  • No Residues Left - Dry ice sublimates completely to CO2. There are no residues such as abrasives or waste water.
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Why Choose The Karcher IB 10/8 L2P Dry Ice Blasters..

  • Karcher's new innovation with their dry ice blasters allow for a more cost-effective performance. This is possible due to the world's first dry ice blaster with integrated dry ice production made from liquid CO₂.
  • The Karcher Dry Ice Blaster IB 10/8 L2P allows liquid CO₂ to be stored in gas cylinders, producing dry ice pellets on demand. This takes away the 3-4 days maximum performance time you get with importing dry ice pellets on previous models.
  • The low compressed air consumption of this machine allows for a more straight forward set up process, rather than having to invest in further compressed air equipment to meet demand.
Steel, Metal & Machine Construction

Deep cleaning & maintenance cleaning of production machinery, welding robots, conveyor belts & paint shops is extremely easy with a Karcher dry ice blaster.

Printing Plants

After dry ice blasting, all printing machines & cylinders, tools, etc., look like new, with minimum amounts of downtime, due to the quick & effective cleaning of Karcher's dry ice blasters. 

Timber & Electrical Industry

Dry ice blasting is also ideal for cleaning woodworking machines, generators, turbines, control cabinets, etc. Karcher dry ice blaster are the perfect cleaning solutions for when water & sand cleaning methods are not permitted.

Plastic & Packaging Industry

The dry ice blaster removes silicone & rubber as well as dyes, paints & other dirt from injection moulds & production lines.

Automotive industry & plastic injection moulding plants

Karcher dry ice blasters remove binding & parting agents from all kinds of parts & workpieces. Residues such as silicone, rubber, dyes, paints, parting agents, etc. can easily be removed from injection moulds, tools & entire production lines. Cleans perfectly without leaving residues.

Food, pharmaceutical & cosmetics industry

A Karcher ice blaster is ideal for removing coking, burnt-in deposits, encrustations, fat & starch from filling & mixing plants, production lines, handling systems as well as tanks & furnaces.

Paper Industry

In the paper industry, glue, lime, dust & cellular materials are deposited in the systems. Machine downtimes & loss of quality are the result. Systems are cleaned faster with dry ice blasters & are soon ready to use again.

Local authorities & municipalities

Graffiti & chewing gum are a problem for many cities & municipalities. This calls for a cleaning method that cleans walls & surfaces thoroughly. They remove dirt without damaging surfaces.