ABAC Oil Free Compressors

ABAC's CleanAir range provides high quality compressed air for lots of professional and industrial applications.




CleanAIR Air Compressors 25L 1.5 - 2HP, 50L 1.5 - 2.5HP

ABAC's 25 L range is targeted at professional industries requiring not only oil free compressor systems, but those looking to minimise their noise output. Industries that the CleanAIR compressors are popular within include; inflating, blowing, cleaning, airbrushing, stapling, simple painting, nailing etc.. The sound level power on these machines is 70.8 db(A).


CleanAIR Air Compressors 30L 1.5 - 2HP

ABAC's 30 L, 1.5 HP is the perfect solution for occasional or intermittent use by demanding professionals. Examples of application include; inflating, blowing, cleaning, airbrushing, stapling and nailing. This range of CleanAIR compressors has been designed with a reduced noise feature, meaning when operating under full load the noises levels are 64.1 db(A).

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