Used Equipment

Power Cleaning Equipment

Used Karcher B40 Bp DOSE floor scrubber drier

Year 2015 demonstrator Karcher B40 Bp DOSE battery operated floor scrubber drier with twin roller brush R45 head, 40 litres clean and dirty water tanks, on-board battery charger, KIK programmable operator key system, DOSE chemical injection to roller brush head, 450mm cleaning width, auto-fill facility, tank rinsing system and traction drive.

Superb cleaning results on most floors, leaving surfaces clean and dry in one movement, effortless in operation and easy to clean. KIK key system allow the machine manager to control machine settings such as speed, power and chemical dosage and display correct language prompts for the operator.

Huge savings of new price and available from Hereford stock



£2950.00 + VAT
Karcher HD 1050 DE Cage

The Karcher HD 1050 DE Cage is a 2014 electric start, Yanmar diesel cold water pressure washer, which operates at 2,500 psi at 15 litres of water flow per minute. In full working condition.

£2,495.00 + VAT

Compressed Air Equipment

USED Mark Mini MSM 5.5kw DT (2013)

415v USED light industrial screw compressor producing 21.20 cfm at 10 bar max pressure, stop/ start controls, with fitted 240v refrigerant air dryer and 200 litre air receiver, acoustic level 64 DB(A).

Run Hours: 5522

£1675.00 + VAT
Used Worthington Rollair RLR 40V Variable Speed Compressor

Year 2011 Worthington Rollair RLR 40V9 variable speed direct drive screw compressor producing up to 168 cfm at 7 bar, maximum pressure 9.5 bar, fitted with a 30kw electric motor, Vacon inverter drive, Airlogic control panel, aluminium air/oil cooler and acoustic cabinet, under 20,000 recorded run hours.  When sized correctly in a compressed air system with varying demand you can expect energy savings of up to 35% on average when compared to an oversized fixed speed compressor.

This used RLR 40EV is in excellent condition and represents a huge saving off new price -its compact frame allows flexibility in installation options and requires an 80amp 415v power supply.


£6990.00 + VAT
Used Worthington Rollair 15 screw compressor

Used Worthington Rollair RLR 15 AX8 direct drive large frame screw compressor producing up to 68 cfm at 7.5 Bar, fitted with an 11kw electric motor, PCI 07 control panel, aluminium air/oil cooler with internal moisture separator and acoustic cabinet. We sold this machine new and have serviced it every 4 months at a local Hereford engineering company. The Worthington RLR 15 is the smallest model in the RLR 15-40 industrial screw compressor range therefore its air-end runs at the slowest speed for maximum reliability and long life.

Full service history is available for this compressor which has only been used on a standby basis since 2013, run hours are recorded at 41,057 and the compressor is in excellent running order and very clean condition. Not to be confused with the smaller frame, lower cost Worthington RLR 1500 11kw version which is belt-drive, produces only 60 cfm at 7 bar and it fitted with a basic control panel.

£2495.00 + VAT

Variable Speed Free standing MARK MSA 11/8 screw compressor fitted with an 11kw electric motor, inverter drive, ES3000 control panel producing up to 59 cfm at 7 bar – approx. 24,000 run hours, supplied and regularly serviced by us from new

£2995.00 + VAT

Variable Speed 11kw receiver mounted MARK screw compressor with fitted inverter drive, refrigerant air dryer with filtration,  270 litres horizontal air receiver – supplied and serviced new by us, only approx. 4,000 run hours

£4250.00 + VAT
Worthington RLR 75xa 55 kw

This 2000 Worthington RLR 75xa 55kw machine is a fixed speed screw compressor, producing up to 335 cfm at 7 bar. The machine has a full service history and is in great condition.

£3,450.00 + VAT
Worthington RLR 50X A5

The Worthington RLR 50X A5 is a 1998 Worthington Rollair direct drive machine is a 50hp screw compressor which produces up to 220 cfm at 7 bar. The machine is in excellent condition, with a full service history and has run for approximately 62,000 hours.

£1975.00 + VAT
Worthington Rollair RLR 75

The 2006 Worthington Rollair RLR 75 7.5 bar fixed speed screw compressor produces up to 350 cfm at 7 bar, fitted with a 55kw electric motor, star-delta starter, Airlogic control panel, turbine fan, aluminium air/oil cooler, acoustic cabinet.

The machine is in excellent condition having run 67,000 hours, built by Atlas Copco Group.

£6750.00 + VAT

Diesel Compressors for Hire

ATLAS Copco XAHS 186

The ATLAS Copco XAHS 186 is a diesel compressor which is a fast – tow portable machine which can produce up to 350 cfm at 10 bar pressure. A used machine but is still in excellent condition and is available for hire on a daily or weekly basis.


£90.00 + VAT per day or £350.00 + VAT per week
Atlas Copco XAS 146 Portable Diesel Screw Compressor

The Atlas Copco XAS 146 Portable Diesel Screw Compressor is available for emergency hire for production lines and factories – 280 cfm at 7.5 bar, electric start Deutz diesel engine with 1 1/2″ bsp outlet. Daily charge £90.00 + VAT or weekly £280.00 + VAT + delivery/installation.

£280.00 per week + VAT

Worthington Compressor Parts

Air-End for Worthington RLR 2000

A used air-end for the Worthigton RLR 2000, belt driven from WCO 053720. It has run for 34,000 hours.

£450.00 + VAT
Air-End and 440V Motor for RLR 60 A3

We have in stock an air-end and 440v motor for the Worthington Rollair RLR 60A3 compressor. In full working order and in excellent use.

£1,500.00 + VAT
Turbine Cooling Fan for RLR 100V

We have in stock a turbine cooling fan assembly for the 2013 Rollair 100v compressor. Hardly used and in excellent condition.

£750.00 + VAT