Silent Belt Drive Compressor B6000/LN/500/7.5 DRY

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ABAC’s range of the Silent Belt Drive Compressor is designed for top levels of noise reduction and user friendly operations. The 500 L range is perfect for the frequent use of applications such as; inflating, blowing, cleaning, stapling, professional painting, nailing, spraying, grouting, hammering, impact wrenching, sandblasting, ratchetting, drilling. This model includes built in 240V refrigerant air dryer, which actively removes condensation allowing the compressed air system to achieve extremely dry compressed air.

Additional Information:

  • SKU: B6000/LN/500/7.5
  • Capacity: 23 CFM
  • Lt/Min: 660
  • Pressure: 160 Psi (11 Bar)
  • Motor: 7.5 HP
  • Noise dB(A): 68
  • Receiver Ltrs: 500
  • Volts: 400/3/50 (Three Phase


Additional information

Weight 40000 kg

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