Our Services are made up of an experienced service department team, which is the key to our successful trading for nearly 30 years, using genuine service parts, the latest technical information, emergency hire equipment with a fast and cost-effective response to breakdowns and servicing requirements, the majority of our customers adding or renewing their equipment with us after many years of good service. We offer a full installation service for compressed air systems using Airnet pipework.

Service and Repairs

Our engineering team provide routine service, repairs and overhauls to all leading brands of air compressors and power washers. Brands include: Worthington Rollair, MARK, ABAC, Atlas Copco, CompAIR, HYDROVANE, BOGE, Hpc, Ingersoll Rand, FIAC, BAMBI, Karcher and Dirt Driver.

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR)

All compressed air users with systems above 250 bar litres are subject to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) 2000. To comply with this legislation a written scheme of Examination must be drawn up by a competent person and certified by an incorporated engineer. Inspection of the system then needs to take place by a qualified individual, as directed by the written scheme.

Also, please follow the link below for the pressure systems guide to safety of compressed air systems.


We provide an effective hire service here at Compressors and Washers, enabling customers to meet their short and long term needs as well as in times of emergency. We have a wide variety of stock which is available for hire, including electric and diesel compressors, a full range of Karcher power washing and floorcare equipment including more specialist products such as the Ice Blaster cleaning equipment.


We provide a full installation service for compressed air systems using AIRNET aluminium pipe – work systems, which are accompanied with a 10 year parts warranty.

Testing and Monitoring

At Compressors and Washers we provide our customers with various required methods of testing to ensure the successful operation of their machines.

We offer vital air purity testing to BS EN 12021, testing will confirm safety for the users from the presence of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil mist and water vapour which can all damage the users health and the end product when using compressed air.

To accurately establish compressed air usage and energy running costs, at Compressors and Washers we provide a data logging service in order to monitor your existing compressed air system enabling us to produce a comprehensive report. This will highlight any weaknesses in the system allowing us to offer you with solutions for enhancing your efficiency.

Using ultrasonic air leak detection equipment we can identify, tag and repair those expensive compressed air leaks which are hard to establish in a loud factory environment.