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Pressure Washers

Dirt Driver Compact 2200

415 V three phase heavy duty cold/hot/steam cleaner

2200 PSI at 15 litres per minute water flow, painted steel construction, chemical injection, manual controls, British built, 10m high pressure hose and lance gun.

£2995.00 + VAT

Product Details
Dirt Driver Compact 1500

240 V heavy duty cold/hot/steam cleaner

1500 PSI at 12 litre water flow, painted steel construction, chemical injection, manual controls, British built, 10m high pressure hose and lance gun.

£2495.00 + VAT

Product Details
Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus

The Latest Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus domestic power washer with home kit is perfect for those spring cleaning jobs demanding power, precision and all of the latest features to get the job done. The Home kit includes the 3 in 1 nozzle, patio cleaning set and chemical facility with the new power control trigger – An integral hose reel is included to keep everything neat and tidy. This product is in stock now for immediate delivery for your Spring Clean !

£355.00 + VAT

Rapier RT 21/170 DYE

The Rapier RT 21/170 DYE is an electric start diesel compressor which is designed for professional users. The Rapier heavy duty petrol engine driven pressure washer has the power to tackle the toughest jobs in all sectors of industrial, agricultural and commercial cleaning. For maximum performance and outstanding longevity at the heart of the Rapier petrol you will find a world leading Interpump 1450 Rpm triplex plunger pump driven via a 2:1 reduction gearbox and ultra reliable Honda engine. The machine operates at 170 bar pressure at 21 litres water flow per minute.

For more product information, please refer to the data sheet provided.

£2,795.00 + VAT

Product Details
Delta 15200 Petrol Pressure Washer

The Delta 15200 Petrol Pressure Washer is very suitable for a wide range of heavy duty industrial and commercial cleaning applications. For longevity the Delta 15200 petrol pressure washer is powered by a reliable Honda GX340 engine which is fitted with a 1450 Rpm gearbox drive.

For more information please download the product data sheet provided.

£1,199.00 + VAT

Product Details
Delta 14150 Petrol Pressure Washer

The Delta 14150 Petrol Pressure Washer is a highly versatile machine which is ideal for a wide range of heavy duty industrial and commercial cleaning applications. The Delta 14150 Petrol Pressure Washer is powered by an extremely reliable Honda engine which is fitted with a 2:1 gearbox and 1450 Rpm interpump plunger pump, enabling a high performing and dependable machine.

For further product information please download the data sheet provided.


£845.00 + VAT

Product Details
Dirt Driver Bulldog 100-KLP

The Dirt Driver Bulldog 100-KLP is a heavy duty cold water power washer which is suitable for all industrial and agricultural applications due to its robust design, which includes a mild steel powder coated frame. Features of the machine include an auto-stop function and a Polyethylene cover.

£875.00 + VAT

HDS 10/20 – 4M

This middle class hot water pressure washer features a 4-pole, water cooled electric motor, with water flow of up to 1000 litres per hour and up to 200 bar pressure, the HDS 10/20 is a high performing machine which is also equipped with the eco!efficiency feature.

Please see the product specification available here.

£2499.00 + VAT

HDS 7/10 – 4M

The HDS 7/10 – 4M middle class pressure washer is a reliable, efficient and economical machine which produces high levels of cleaning performance. It features the eco!efficiency mode which reduces fuel consumption up to 20% without compromising the performance. It has a 4-pole, air cooled motor which enhances performance and longevity, with water flow of up to 700 litres per hour the HDS machine is a great all round machine for tough cleaning tasks.

See the full product specification provided.

£2350.00 + VAT

Product Details
HDS 6/12 C

The HDS 6/12 C is a compact hot water pressure washer which has been designed in order to make high pressure cleaning easier and also more economical. The machine features the unique eco!efficiency mode which reduces diesel consumption by 20% without hindering performance. This HDS compact class machine is easy to operate due to its central one button feature and also has excellent mobility.

Please see the attached product data sheet for more information.

Karcher list price: £2631.00 + VAT
Special nett price: £1795.00 + VAT

£1,795.00 + VAT

Product Details
HD 7/11 – 4M Plus

The middle class HD 7/11 – 4M Plus cold water high pressure cleaner is a powerful and robust machine which is ideal for cleaning jobs within industries such as agriculture, construction and automotive, where high water flow is required to shift stubborn dirt. This machine is extremely mobile and very easy to operate with easy press trigger gun and low speed four-pole AC or three-phase motors for continuous use.

For a full product specification, please see the attached data sheet.

£795.00 + VAT

Product Details
HD 6/12 – 4C Plus

The HD 6/12 -4C Plus is a powerful but compact pressure washer for intense cleaning tasks. The machine has a 4- pole electric motor that runs at a lower rpm than a 2 – pole motor, generating greater power and longevity.

Please see attached data sheet for the full product specification.

£675.00 + VAT

Product Details
HD 6/13 C Plus

The Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus cold water pressure washer is extremely light, compact and versatile. It is equipped with a range of Karcher features to ensure great performance and quick cleaning time, providing the consumer with a greater sense of convenience. Features include: clever accessory storage for nozzles, power cable, hose and lance; the machines carry handle enables great mobility; and its unique lie-flat or stand up operating position provides great flexibility for the consumer.

£499.00 + VAT

Product Details
HD 5/11 P 240V

The Karcher HD 5/11 P 240v provides professional quality and performance in a compact and portable form. The machine is extremely lightweight and its built in carry handle enables great mobility within different cleaning environments. The machine is equipped with a number of features including an automatic pressure relief, easy press trigger gun, high grade hose and power cable. The product also stores all accessories on board, preventing potential trip hazards, as well as the ability to operate vertically or from a horizontal position.

£349.80 + VAT

Product Details

Floor Scrubbers

B 40 W

The Karcher B 40 W walk-behind scrubber drier (40 l). Configuration example with traction drive, roller brush system with pre-sweep function, 55 cm working width and battery (105 Ah). The machine includes the KIK key system as well as the eco!efficiency mode to enable efficient and economical operation.

For more information, see the product data sheet provided.

Current list price with R45 roller brush headand curved squeegee: £7495.28 + VAT

£4,648.00 + VAT

Product Details
B 60 W

The Karcher B 60 W is a walk behind scrubber drier with traction drive. The machine offers many features, including the KIK key system for protection against incorrect operation and also the eco!efficiency mode which helps extend battery life. The machine is ideal for 1,000-2,500 m² and has a working width of 65 cm.

Full product information available to download here.

£6,750.00 + VAT

Product Details
BR 40/10C

The BR 40/10C is a walk behind Karcher Scrubber drier can be utilised for heavy duty cleaning of small to medium floors. The machine features two counter-rotating brushes and two rubber squeegees to ensure quality cleaning results with just a single pass. Available in both 240v and 110v.

Please download the product data sheet for more information.

£1,599.00 + VAT

Product Details


KM 80 W G + Free Leaf Blower

This compact multi-functional engine driven sweeper has been designed for all year round operation due to its range of accessories available with tool free assembly. Accessories include a waste container for the collection of large debris and a snow plough for clearing paths. It is equipped with tough and proven components, including a honda petrol engine.

More information available to download here.

£1,799.00 + VAT

Product Details
KM 70/20 C

The Karcher KM 70/20 C is a compact push sweeper for indoor and outdoor use. Sweeping 7 x faster than a conventional broom, the 70/20 dramatically reduces dust and guarantees consistent, thorough results. The product is equipped with an adjustable side brush which allows cleaning right up to kerb edges, it is ideal for cleaning paths, halls and warehouses.

£428.00 + VAT

Product Details

Carpet Cleaners

Puzzi 30/4

Kärcher’s all-new Puzzi 30/4 makes carpet and upholstery cleaning easier and more productive,  the 30/4 deep cleans carpets and leaves only a market-leading 9% residual moisture. As a result reducing the risk of resoiling and enabling cleaned areas to be used again shortly after cleaning.

£1,225.00 + VAT

Product Details
Puzzi 10/1

The Puzzi 10/1 is a powerful spray extraction cleaner is an easy way to clean carpets, leaving minimal residual moisture enabling cleaned areas to be used again shortly after. The flexible suction tool which features a rotating plastic lip ensures optimum contact with the floor surface, improving the ease of use and cleaning performance.

Please see the Puzzi Brochure for more product information.

£372.00 + VAT

Product Details


CV 30/1

Kärcher’s CV 30/1 upright vacuum cleaner uses a single high performance motor to drive both the suction fan and brush, making the machine easy to carry and manoeuvre. Equipped with a detachable suction tube for vacuuming upholstery and hard to reach areas, it is ideal for cleaning carpeted areas quickly and efficiently.

Please see the data sheet for more information.


Product Details
NT 35/1 Tact

The NT 35/1 Tact is a high performing vacuum cleaner which is designed to remove wet or dry dirt in an efficient manner. The TACT automatic filter clean system prevents blockages and increases productivity. The product is ideal for industries where high performance dust control is required.


Product Details
T 10/1 Adv

The T 10/1 Adv is a high value tub vacuum which has been designed for professional cleaning. The T 10/1 Adv is a robust, simple and high performing product which contract cleaners demand.

£90.00 + VAT

Product Details

Specialist Cleaning

Karcher Ice Blaster

Kärcher’s IB 7/40 dry ice blasting machine will provide a non aggressive but thorough method of cleaning tools, moulds, surfaces and machines with a minimum of downtime. The dry ice pellets are injected into a jet of compressed air, accelerated to speeds in excess of 150 m/s and the fired at the surface to be cleaned. The abrupt cooling of the surface causes a thermal shock and produces fine cracks in the top layer.  The dry ice penetrates these cracks, lift the contaminant from the surface and return to the atmosphere as CO gas leaving only the contaminant behind. Ice blasting uses no chemicals, leaves no wastewater, is environmentally friendly and can be used in areas where cleaning with water is prohibited or inconvenient. This machine is supplied without a plug. Ideally an in-house supply of dry, compressed air from 80-120 cfm at 7 bar is required, although we can supply (via purchase or hire) the Ice Blaster with a suitably sized portable diesel compressor with hoses on site.

Steam Cleaners

Karcher SG 4/4

The Karcher SG 4/4 is a high performance professional steam cleaner which operates at 4 bar. It ensures deep and hygienic cleaning without the use of chemicals. It is ideal for use in a variety of environments, where fast, hygienic cleaning is a necessity. It is extremely easy to operate and can be used continuously due to its two-tank system.

We are currently offering a free Trolley with the steam cleaner to enhance the ease of usage and mobility.

For more information please see the product data sheet provided.


£599 + VAT

Product Details
Karcher Sc 1.020

This Karcher domestic steam cleaner enables a spotlessly clean home without the use of harmful chemicals, it comes equipped with a variety of floor and hand tools to ensure a deep and efficient clean. With its outstanding cleaning performance, the steam kills 99.99 % of all common household bacteria, ensuring the highest standard of hygiene and a healthy living environment. The Karcher Sc 1.020 is ideal for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and floors providing fantastic results.

£91.66 + VAT


RM 55 ASF 20l

The RM 55 ASF is a neutral active cleaner which is an all-purpose and gentle liquid high-pressure cleaning concentrate for use on heavy grease and oil soiling and soiling caused by emissions. Excellently suited to façade cleaning and to cleaning sensitive surfaces. NTA free.

£41.99 + VAT

Product Details
Snow Foam

A high activity biodegradable neutral pH shampoo that when used with foam generating equipment produces a thick mousse like foam that lasts longer than ordinary foams. It gives you more time to clean your car before the shampoo dries out, and therefore produces a clean streak free finish.

£18.00 + VAT

TFR 6 Extra Shine

The TFR 6 extra shine is a traffic film remover with extra wax rinse aid, it is a unique product that not only cleans well, but rinses brilliantly due to its special wax like additives. It can be diluted down to 1%, making it great value. Use through all types of steam cleaners, cold pressure washers, gantry and brush washes. To get the best results you should brush paintwork.

We supply the product at 5/25/205 litres.

5 litres – £16.00 + VAT                                                                                                                                                      25 litres – £38.00 + VAT                                                                                                                                                  205 litres – £205.00 + VAT


Water Softener

5 litres of water softener, which is designed for use in steam cleaners, to be put in the water softening dispenser of machines, if fitted.

£21.50 + VAT

Super Slab 2

5 litres of Super Slab 2 which is a heavy duty patio cleaner. It is a strong but environmentally friendly formulation for cleaning soiled patio slabs and concrete surfaces. Especially effective following pretreatment with Super Slab 2.

£18.00 + VAT

Super Slab 1

5 litres of the Super Slab 1, which is a patio pretreatment  algicide, is a specially formulated environmentally friendly product which is designed to kill green mould and algae, ensuring that patios and concrete surfaces can be cleaned effectively with super slab 2.

£18.00 + VAT

Wash ‘n Wax – Exterior Shampoo with Carnauba Wax

We supply the Wash ‘n Wax exterior shampoo in 5 litres. It is a thick concentrated high foaming shampoo that contains premium quality carnauba wax. It not only cleans paintwork effectively, but leaves a superb streak free wax finish.

£19.75 + VAT

Ultraclenz Fabric and Carpet Shampoo

5 litres of Ultraclenz fabric and carpet shampoo which is a mild non caustic biodegradable concentrate used by the trade and professional users to clean domestic and automotive seats and carpets, three piece suites, and curtains. It can be used in hot water extraction machines to clean seats and carpets. Ultraclenz can be diluted down to 1:100 making it the best value shampoo. Use a 10% solution as a prespray for heavily soiled applications.

£17.75 + VAT

Press&Ex powder RM 760 ASF

The Karcher RM 760 ASF is a deep cleaning powder for the spray extraction of textile surfaces and upholstery.

Part Number: 62913880

£70.99 + VAT

Basic floor cleaner RM 69 ASF eco!efficiency

2.5 litres of the Karcher RM 69 ASF basic floor cleaner which is a powerful, environmentally friendly basic cleaner for heavily soiled industrial floors. It dissolves heavy oil, grease and mineral stains effectively and quickly.

Part Number: 62956500

£11.59 + VAT

Neutral active cleaner RM 55 ASF

10 litres of the Karcher RM 55 ASF which is an all-purpose and gentle liquid high-pressure cleaning concentrate for use on heavy grease and oil soiling and soiling caused by emissions. Excellently suited to façade cleaning and to cleaning sensitive surfaces. NTA free.

Part Number: 62950900

£25.99 + VAT

Product Details
Neutral foam cleaner RM 57 ASF

20 litres of RM 57 ASF which is a Karcher gentle foam cleaning agent for light oil, grease and protein stains. Stable foam blanket enhances cleaning action and is easily rinsed away.

Part Number: 62951780

£73.99 + VAT

Product Details
Alkaline active cleaner RM 81 ASF

Efficiently and gently acting high-pressure cleaning concentrate for heavy oil, grease and mineral soiling. Suitable for cleaning vehicles, tarpaulins and engines.

Part Number: 62951250

£81.99 + VAT

Product Details
Z9 Single Lance

The Z9 single lance features a vented grip which is zinc plated. It can operate up to a maximum pressure of 310 bar with a max flow of 40 Lpm and is supplied with a nozzle protector.

£20.56 + VAT

400mm Lance Assembly

This 400mm lance assembly operates at a maximum pressure of 207 bar, it is equipped with a P4 trigger and a variable angle Hi-Lo nozzle head. It performs at a max flow of 21 Lpm and up to a max temperature of 60 degrees.

Part Number: ART3701.04.050

£33.33 + VAT

RL 30 Trigger for Pressure Washers

The RL 30 trigger for pressure washers is an upright trigger which can operate up to 5000 psi and to a maximum temperature of 160 degrees.

£31.00 + VAT

Linear Trigger for Pressure Washers

A linear trigger for pressure washers, which can operate up to 5000 psi. Its easy grip allows the customer to operate for a long period of time.

£31.00 + VAT

Mock-02 10m Hose

A Mock-02 is a 10m high pressure hose with one male and female 3/8th fitting.

£52.50 + VAT

Mock-11 20m Hose

The Mock-11 is a high pressure 20m hose, with one male 3/8th end and one female 3/8th fitting.

£82.50 + VAT

O-Ring Set

Replacement O-Rings for Karcher professional range lances and high pressure hoses.

Part Number: 2.880-990.0

£2.17 + VAT

Double Connector

A Karcher brass double connector for connecting and extending high-pressure hoses.

Part Number: 5.403-034.0

£8.87 + VAT

20m High Pressure Hose

A Karcher 20m high pressure hose.

Part Number: 6.391-843.0

£110.00 + VAT

10m High Pressure Hose

A Karcher 10m high pressure hose.

Part Number: 6.391-483.0

£73.17 + VAT

10m High Pressure Hose

A Karcher 10m high pressure hose.

Part Number: 6.391-484.0

£60.73 + VAT

10m Extension Hose

The Kärcher high-pressure extension hose gives you greater flexibility, ensuring greater mobility and an easier clean.

Part Number: 6.391-419.0

£56.08 + VAT

Water Softener

Scale inhibitor for hot water high-pressure cleaners with integral corrosion protection, especially for use in new HDS units with System Care option. The System Care Advance 1 RM 110 ASF formula offers improved protection against limescale deposits on heater coils (up to 150 °C) and provides integral corrosion protection for components in contact with water.

£6.29 + VAT

RM 776 Tyre and Abrasion Removal 20L

The RM 776 and Abrasion Removal is a highly active special cleaning agent for lifting rubber dust and wheel marks caused by industrial trucks. It is also powerful in removing heavy oil and soot soiling as well as polymer and wax coatings. Adhesive tape residue is efficiently removed. NTA free.

Further product details available to download here.

£73.99 + VAT

Product Details
Floor Cleaner RM 69 ASF 20L

The floor cleaner RM 69 ASF is a powerful cleaner, effortlessly removing stubborn oil, grease, soot and mineral soiling from floors and industrial floors.

For more information please download the following data sheet.

£55.99 + VAT

Product Details
18″ Whirlaway Surface Cleaner

The 18″ Whirlaway surface cleaner allows cleaning of up to 20 square metres per minute. It significantly reduces operator fatigue and enhances productivity. The 18″ Whirlaway rotary head is ideal for cleaning all types of flat surfaces including driveways, concrete floors, patios and can be used with hot or cold pressure washers.

For further information please download the product data sheet provided.

£386.50 + VAT

Product Details