T 10/1 Adv

The T 10/1 Adv is a high value tub vacuum which has been designed for professional cleaning. The T 10/1 Adv is a robust, simple and high performing product which contract cleaners demand.

£90.00 + VAT

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CV 30/1

Kärcher’s CV 30/1 upright vacuum cleaner uses a single high performance motor to drive both the suction fan and brush, making the machine easy to carry and manoeuvre. Equipped with a detachable suction tube for vacuuming upholstery and hard to reach areas, it is ideal for cleaning carpeted areas quickly and efficiently.

Please see the data sheet for more information.


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NT 35/1 Tact

The NT 35/1 Tact is a high performing vacuum cleaner which is designed to remove wet or dry dirt in an efficient manner. The TACT automatic filter clean system prevents blockages and increases productivity. The product is ideal for industries where high performance dust control is required.


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