Specialist Cleaning

Karcher Ice Blaster

Kärcher’s IB 7/40 dry ice blasting machine will provide a non aggressive but thorough method of cleaning tools, moulds, surfaces and machines with a minimum of downtime. The dry ice pellets are injected into a jet of compressed air, accelerated to speeds in excess of 150 m/s and the fired at the surface to be cleaned. The abrupt cooling of the surface causes a thermal shock and produces fine cracks in the top layer.  The dry ice penetrates these cracks, lift the contaminant from the surface and return to the atmosphere as CO gas leaving only the contaminant behind. Ice blasting uses no chemicals, leaves no wastewater, is environmentally friendly and can be used in areas where cleaning with water is prohibited or inconvenient. This machine is supplied without a plug. Ideally an in-house supply of dry, compressed air from 80-120 cfm at 7 bar is required, although we can supply (via purchase or hire) the Ice Blaster with a suitably sized portable diesel compressor with hoses on site.