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Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus

The Latest Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus domestic power washer with home kit is perfect for those spring cleaning jobs demanding power, precision and all of the latest features to get the job done. The Home kit includes the 3 in 1 nozzle, patio cleaning set and chemical facility with the new power control trigger – An integral hose reel is included to keep everything neat and tidy. This product is in stock now for immediate delivery for your Spring Clean !

£355.00 + VAT

HD 5/11 P 240V

The Karcher HD 5/11 P 240v provides professional quality and performance in a compact and portable form. The machine is extremely lightweight and its built in carry handle enables great mobility within different cleaning environments. The machine is equipped with a number of features including an automatic pressure relief, easy press trigger gun, high grade hose and power cable. The product also stores all accessories on board, preventing potential trip hazards, as well as the ability to operate vertically or from a horizontal position.

£349.80 + VAT

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Karcher HD 5/11 Cage

Karcher HD 5/11 Cage commercial duty 240 V cold water power washer producing 1600 psi at 8.1 litres per minute, fitted with a brass pump head, robust carry frame, high pressure hose and lance gun. Ideal portable power washer for robust users such as builders, tradesmen, smallholders and heavy duty domestic users. Please note – no chemical facility on this model – apply if required by hand sprayer.

£385.00 + VAT

Karcher HD 6/13 C PLUS
HD 6/13 C Plus

The Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus cold water pressure washer is extremely light, compact and versatile. It is equipped with a range of Karcher features to ensure great performance and quick cleaning time, providing the consumer with a greater sense of convenience. Features include: clever accessory storage for nozzles, power cable, hose and lance; the machines carry handle enables great mobility; and its unique lie-flat or stand up operating position provides great flexibility for the consumer.

£499.00 + VAT

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HD 6/12 – 4C Plus

The HD 6/12 -4C Plus is a powerful but compact pressure washer for intense cleaning tasks. The machine has a 4- pole electric motor that runs at a lower rpm than a 2 – pole motor, generating greater power and longevity.

Please see attached data sheet for the full product specification.

£725.00 + VAT

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HD 7/11 – 4M Plus

The middle class HD 7/11 – 4M Plus cold water high pressure cleaner is a powerful and robust machine which is ideal for cleaning jobs within industries such as agriculture, construction and automotive, where high water flow is required to shift stubborn dirt. This machine is extremely mobile and very easy to operate with easy press trigger gun and low speed four-pole AC or three-phase motors for continuous use.

For a full product specification, please see the attached data sheet.

£850.00 + VAT

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HDS 6/12 C

The HDS 6/12 C is a compact hot water pressure washer which has been designed in order to make high pressure cleaning easier and also more economical. The machine features the unique eco!efficiency mode which reduces diesel consumption by 20% without hindering performance. This HDS compact class machine is easy to operate due to its central one button feature and also has excellent mobility.

Please see the attached product data sheet for more information.

Karcher list price: £2631.00 + VAT
Special nett price: £1795.00 + VAT

£1,795.00 + VAT

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HDS 7/10 – 4M

The HDS 7/10 – 4M middle class pressure washer is a reliable, efficient and economical machine which produces high levels of cleaning performance. It features the eco!efficiency mode which reduces fuel consumption up to 20% without compromising the performance. It has a 4-pole, air cooled motor which enhances performance and longevity, with water flow of up to 700 litres per hour the HDS machine is a great all round machine for tough cleaning tasks.

See the full product specification provided.

£2350.00 + VAT

Product Details
HDS 10/20 – 4M

This middle class hot water pressure washer features a 4-pole, water cooled electric motor, with water flow of up to 1000 litres per hour and up to 200 bar pressure, the HDS 10/20 is a high performing machine which is also equipped with the eco!efficiency feature.

Please see the product specification available here.

£2650.00 + VAT

Rapier RT 21/170 DYE

The Rapier RT 21/170 DYE is an electric start diesel compressor which is designed for professional users. The Rapier heavy duty petrol engine driven pressure washer has the power to tackle the toughest jobs in all sectors of industrial, agricultural and commercial cleaning. For maximum performance and outstanding longevity at the heart of the Rapier petrol you will find a world leading Interpump 1450 Rpm triplex plunger pump driven via a 2:1 reduction gearbox and ultra reliable Honda engine. The machine operates at 170 bar pressure at 21 litres water flow per minute.

For more product information, please refer to the data sheet provided.

£2,795.00 + VAT

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