RM 55 ASF 20l

The RM 55 ASF is a neutral active cleaner which is an all-purpose and gentle liquid high-pressure cleaning concentrate for use on heavy grease and oil soiling and soiling caused by emissions. Excellently suited to façade cleaning and to cleaning sensitive surfaces. NTA free.

£41.99 + VAT

Product Details
Snow Foam

A high activity biodegradable neutral pH shampoo that when used with foam generating equipment produces a thick mousse like foam that lasts longer than ordinary foams. It gives you more time to clean your car before the shampoo dries out, and therefore produces a clean streak free finish.

£18.00 + VAT

TFR 6 Extra Shine

The TFR 6 extra shine is a traffic film remover with extra wax rinse aid, it is a unique product that not only cleans well, but rinses brilliantly due to its special wax like additives. It can be diluted down to 1%, making it great value. Use through all types of steam cleaners, cold pressure washers, gantry and brush washes. To get the best results you should brush paintwork.

We supply the product at 5/25/205 litres.

5 litres – £16.00 + VAT                                                                                                                                                      25 litres – £38.00 + VAT                                                                                                                                                  205 litres – £205.00 + VAT


Water Softener

5 litres of water softener, which is designed for use in steam cleaners, to be put in the water softening dispenser of machines, if fitted.

£21.50 + VAT

Super Slab 2

5 litres of Super Slab 2 which is a heavy duty patio cleaner. It is a strong but environmentally friendly formulation for cleaning soiled patio slabs and concrete surfaces. Especially effective following pretreatment with Super Slab 2.

£18.00 + VAT

Super Slab 1

5 litres of the Super Slab 1, which is a patio pretreatment  algicide, is a specially formulated environmentally friendly product which is designed to kill green mould and algae, ensuring that patios and concrete surfaces can be cleaned effectively with super slab 2.

£18.00 + VAT

Wash ‘n Wax – Exterior Shampoo with Carnauba Wax

We supply the Wash ‘n Wax exterior shampoo in 5 litres. It is a thick concentrated high foaming shampoo that contains premium quality carnauba wax. It not only cleans paintwork effectively, but leaves a superb streak free wax finish.

£19.75 + VAT

Ultraclenz Fabric and Carpet Shampoo

5 litres of Ultraclenz fabric and carpet shampoo which is a mild non caustic biodegradable concentrate used by the trade and professional users to clean domestic and automotive seats and carpets, three piece suites, and curtains. It can be used in hot water extraction machines to clean seats and carpets. Ultraclenz can be diluted down to 1:100 making it the best value shampoo. Use a 10% solution as a prespray for heavily soiled applications.

£17.75 + VAT

Press&Ex powder RM 760 ASF

The Karcher RM 760 ASF is a deep cleaning powder for the spray extraction of textile surfaces and upholstery.

Part Number: 62913880

£70.99 + VAT

Basic floor cleaner RM 69 ASF eco!efficiency

2.5 litres of the Karcher RM 69 ASF basic floor cleaner which is a powerful, environmentally friendly basic cleaner for heavily soiled industrial floors. It dissolves heavy oil, grease and mineral stains effectively and quickly.

Part Number: 62956500

£11.59 + VAT